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Online, Digital, Print on Demand Live Events and Online Book Store


DreamSpireTV -Streaming platform. DreamSpire TV features broadcast quality programing for all our brands and beyond. We have the capacity to broadcast live to up to 5 outlets at the same time. We also can download and re-broadcast programming. Commercial advertising spots available. We also produce content for other outlets. www.dreamspiretv.com

DreamSpire Books- DreamSpire Publications is our online bookstore with over a 100 titles. Sponsored author spotlights and host of the premier show, "The Author’s Lounge". Where authors share with audiences the story behind the story in a virtual fireside chat setting. www.dreamspirebooks.com

EM-Spire! Entrepreneurs & Motivators Is an Online, digital and Print on Demand Magazine co-net concept bringing together people who inspire and motivate others through entrepreneurship, coaching, speaking and teaching. We highlight businesses, authors, coaches, motivational speakers etc. through featured spotlights, product placements, videos and linking with podcasts. We want to connect with your events, seminars and conventions. www.em-spire.com

A-Spire is an Online, digital and Print on Demand arts and entertainment magazine in conjunction with the A-Spire Awards. We feature celebrities and high- profile individuals. We cover fashion, the arts and variety of other topics. www-a-spire.com